How to upload pictures from your PC

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How to upload pictures from your PC

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Our forum manager (Philippe from Ozons and thanks to him) has just set up a very simple way of sharing our photographs .

1. Prepare your pictures on your PC . They should be jpg, gif or png. (or whatese you want, even .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .avi , .mp3...)
No limit on size (but reasonable if less than 2Mo).
No matter about the name ( length, uppercase and lowercase can be mixed, spaces and so on...

2. Then click on the button above the box that reads :
'Télécharger une pièce jointe' = 'Upload an attached file from your PC"'

A dialog box appear to select the picture : Click on Parcourir = Browse then on 'Envoyer' to send it.

It's OK.


(edited by Philippe Ozons 12/12/2009 for technical purpose and improvement with new version of forum. apologize for new translation mistakes...)
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