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Blown Air - Eberspacher type heater installation

Publié : 14 sept. 2014, 13:45
par Alex Bisset
Does anyone have any pictures or suggestions of how they have routed the ducting from their Eberspacher type heater through the lazarrette on the First 30? I cannot see how it can be routed without being in such a position as to be continually damaged by all the normal placing of items in there. Any help or ideas would be welcome - thank you.

Re: Blown Air - Eberspacher type heater installation

Publié : 17 sept. 2014, 12:05
par Marie-De
Hi Alex,

I wanted to install an Eberspacher last winter, untill I realized that our "little" First 30 was not really designed for such a device, therefore I gave up. Nevertheless, My intention was to install it in the storing tank on the left hand side, at the floor level. It is relatively central in the boat and it would blow hot air at the bottom. The risk would have been that someone's feet got burnt, and it would require a rather long tubing system, together with its isolation layer, to reach the engine cooling network.
Good luck with installing it, and do not hesitate to share your tips! :)

Re: Blown Air - Eberspacher type heater installation

Publié : 24 sept. 2014, 01:34
par Alex Bisset
Hi Lionel,

there was an existing early eberspacher system on Dionysus, the heater being installed at the top of the lazarette near the starboard hull on a mounting bracket and the heater ducting - badly damaged- ran from the heater unit, along the stern bulkead down to the bottom of the lazarette, then along the floor, through 2 bulkeads, where it vented into the saloon from beneath the galley basin.

i was hoping to find out if anyone has a better system of routing the ducting - I may get rigid piping instead of the more fragile ducting material - updates on the decisions and progress will follow.